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1 Day Acuvue Define Radiant Sweet with LACREONContact Lenses

Acuvue Define Radiant Sweet color contacts give a three-dimensional effect and shine to your eyes, while providing all-day comfort.


Point : 1.00pt

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Lenses for far-sighted eyes (+) are not available.

Additional Information

Type: Daily Contact Lenses Color Contact Lenses

Packaging: 30 lenses per box

Content: 42% Etafilcon A & 58% water

Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson

Some prescriptions out of stock

BC/DIA:8.5/14.2 PWR:-7.50


1 Day Acuvue Define Radiant Sweet gives a three-dimensional effect and natural shine to your eyes. The design is based on the actual pattern of the iris, making eyes look bigger.

Lacreon helps keep the lenses moist. Furthermore, these lenses have the ability to block 97% of the harmful ultraviolet B waves and 81% of ultraviolet A waves.

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