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Forgot my password

Q: What if I forgot my password?

A: Please go to our Reset Password page.

1. Enter the email address you registered with to request a password reset email.
2. You will receive an email from us with a link to reset your password.
3. Follow this link to the password reset form, where you can enter your new password.

Shipping & Delivery

Q: How long will it take for my contacts to be delivered?

A: Provided the lenses are in stock, items are typically delivered within 5-7 business days (remote or isolated areas may take longer).

Q: What if the package has been returned to LensPure due to an error on my address?

A: Please contact us by email. Our customer support team will instruct you with the necessary steps and we will re-send your package. Note: shipping cost will apply

* If it's been more than a year since the date of purchase, we will not be able to re-send the order or issue a refund.

Shipping Cost

Q: How much is the shipping fee?

A: We deliver contact lenses anywhere in the US at standard flat rate of USD$10.50 per order.

Order Confirmation

Q: Was my order placed properly?

A: When you have completed your order, you will receive a confirmation email from us. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please use the inquiry form to contact us. Or visit My Account to confirm your purchase.

Q: What if I do not receive a confirmation email?

A: If you have not received a confirmation email within 1 hour after placing your order, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Q: What if I have made a mistake on my order?

A: If you have made a mistake on your order after it has been processed, please contact us directly. If your order has already been shipped, we will instruct you where and how to send us back the unopened boxes and we will ship you the correct items once we receive your returned items.

* Additional shipping costs will apply

Q: What kind of conditions apply for returns or exchanges?

A: We only accept returned items if:

  • The lenses are damaged or defective in the package.

You may exchange merchandise in the following cases:

  • Your prescription has been changed by an eye care specialist.
  • You made a mistake when placing your order.

We will only replace exchanged items for products of equal value.

Click here for more details on our Return Policy.

Colored lenses

Q: Can I wear colored contact lenses if I have 20/20 vision?

A: For customers with 20/20 vision, we offer colored contact lenses with a [0.00] power . However the base curve is only available in one size. In order to wear colored contact lenses, you must consult your eye care specialist if:

  • you are trying contact lenses for the first time.
  • you have any allergies.
  • you do not understand how to handle contact lenses.

We are not liable for any complications caused by using contact lenses. Please follow the instructions given to you by your eye care specialist.


Lens Prescriptions

Q: Do I need a prescription to place an order?

A: Yes, you must have a valid prescription from a registered eye care specialist. Please ensure that the prescription on your order information is the same as what was provided by your eye care specialist.

Q: Where can I find my lens data?

A: You can find your lens data on your prescription provided by your eye care specialist or on your contact lens box.

Q: Is it possible to use contact lenses if the DIA is different from my lens data?

A: We strongly recommend selecting your contact lenses as directed by your eye care specialist.

Q: I cannot find lenses for far-sighted eyes (+) from the POWER selection list.

A: Lenses for far-sighted eyes (+) and progressive lenses are currently not available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Eye examinations

Q: Do I need to have my eyes examined before purchasing contact lenses?

A: Yes, contact lenses are medical devices and you must be examined by a certified eye care specialist before purchasing contact lenses. Additionally, you will need to follow the manufacturer's instructions and any guidance and instructions given to you by your eye care specialist.

Q: Do I need to have my eyes examined periodically?

A: Yes, we recommend having your eyes checked periodically as directed by your eye care specialist.


Q: What if I receive contact lenses that are different from what I have ordered?

A: Please contact us immediately by using the inquiry form with your name, order ID and the lens data which you have received.

Q: How can I cancel my order?

A: Unfortunately once you have placed your order, we do not accept cancellations.

Q: What if I find a defective lens?

A: Please remove the lens immediately and contact us by using the inquiry form with your name, order ID and the lens data of your defective lens. We will instruct you where and how to send back the defective lenses. Please DO NOT throw your defective lens away. Be sure to include the original boxes (even if opened) when you return defective lenses to us.

Q: What kind of solution should I use?

A: Depending on the type of contact lens you are currently wearing, solutions vary. Please be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendation and follow the guidance of your eye care specialist when choosing solutions.

Q: Do you issue a receipt? What information does it contain?

A: Our standard receipt that is enclosed with the delivered goods states the customer's name, purchase information (i.e. a breakdown of the total amount charged, purchase date), payment method, and details of the products purchased (product name, optometrist data of each product, quantity, unit cost and total cost of each product).