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Air Optix AquaContact Lenses

* The package of the lenses may vary from our sample images.

Air Optix Aqua contact lenses from Alcon stay comfortable longer with up to 5 times more oxygen flow than traditional soft contact lenses.

USD$70.00 USD$34.90

Point : 0.50pt

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Lenses for far-sighted eyes (+) are not available.

Additional Information

Type: Monthly Contact Lenses

Packaging: 6 lenses per box

Content: 67% lotrafilcon B & 33% water

Manufacturer: Ciba Vision & Alcon

Some prescriptions out of stock

BC/DIA:8.6/14.2 PWR:-6.25
BC/DIA:8.6/14.2 PWR:-6.75
BC/DIA:8.6/14.2 PWR:-7.25
BC/DIA:8.6/14.2 PWR:-7.75
BC/DIA:8.6/14.2 PWR:-10.00


Air Optix Aqua has Tri-Comfort Technology, providing up to 5 times more oxygen flow than traditional soft lenses. Air Optix Aqua has a unique surface which resists and repels lens deposits; this helps protect your eyes while providing clear, comfortable vision all day. Since Air Optix Aqua lenses are monthly lenses, please follow your eye doctor's directions for overnight lens removal, cleaning, and storing.

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