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Dailies Total 1 day 90 packContact Lenses

Alcon Dailies Total1 contact lenses are water gradient contacts that provide superior all-day comfort.


Point : 1.50pt

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    • BC/DIA
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Lenses for far-sighted eyes (+) are not available.

Additional Information

Type: Daily Contact Lenses

Packaging: 90 lenses (3boxes of 30 lenses per box)

Content: 67% Delefilcon A & 33% water

Manufacturer: Ciba Vision & Alcon

Some prescriptions out of stock

BC/DIA:8.5/14.1 PWR:-10.50
BC/DIA:8.5/14.1 PWR:-11.00
BC/DIA:8.5/14.1 PWR:-11.50
BC/DIA:8.5/14.1 PWR:-12.00


Alcon Dailies Total1 contact lenses have an innovative "moisture cushion" design and are 6 times more breathable than the leading daily disposable contact lens. You'll love Total1 Dailies "SmarTears" technology. This stabilizes eye moisture and provides exceptional all-day comfort. Remember to remove daily contact lenses from your eyes before sleeping and discard them. Then, start each day with a fresh pack of dailies Total1 contacts.

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