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Color Contacts: How to Choose the Right Tinted Contact Lenses for You

closeup of woman with green tinted contact lenses

Do you want to stun the world with blazing, honey-colored brown irises? How about ones the color of glowing sapphires? If eyes are the windows to the soul, why not add a little extra sparkle with tinted contact lenses?

Colored contact lenses provide a fun way to change up your looks. They can even transform you into your favorite alien, vampire, or monster for Halloween or an upcoming Comic-Con event.

Whatever your ultimate goal, read on to find out about the best colored contact lenses for your next show-stopping look.

Consider This

There have never been more choices when it comes to colored contacts. Of course, that means you need to do a little extra research. Getting the right pair for your unique needs and current eye color can be a challenge. For example, there are specific contacts for people with light eyes.

eyes with different colored contact lenses

When choosing the best-tinted contacts, you'll want to decide how natural you want those contacts to look. Then, based on your current eye color, you'll know exactly where to start. If you want an over-the-top theatrical look skip over to special-effect contacts. Looking like a vampire from Twilight has never been so easy.

Types of Colored Contact Lenses

Most colored lenses make the wearer's eyes look as natural as possible. We’re talking subtle changes that make your eyes shine.

Your eyes have natural, vibrant shapes and lines in the irises. In the same way tinted contact lenses have colorful dots and lines that radiate outward. These designs imitate the iris's natural texture and patterning. This is what gives the appearance of authentic eye color.

You'll also notice that the center of each contact remains clear for the lens of each eye. Without the clear space, you wouldn't be able to see anything.

Apart from these similarities, tinted lenses come in three kinds of color:

These tints serve different purposes. Let's dive into what each variation does and how it will or won't alter the appearance of your eyes.

Visibility Tints

The most common contact lens coloring has nothing to do with cosmetics. The visibility tint helps the wearer see their lenses when they're in the case, hands, or on the sink. It appears light blue or green and makes it easier to insert your lenses or find them if one hits the floor.

These tints look faint, so they have no cosmetic impact on your eye color. They provide extra convenience for wearers. Period!

Enhancement Tints

Enhancement tints contain a translucent hue which is a bit darker than a visibility tint. They enhance your natural eye color and are great for people with light-colored eyes.

Most people use them to intensify the color they already have rather than for a dramatic change. For example, they're great for exaggerating sage-colored eyes to emerald. Or, turn baby blues to periwinkle. If you want to channel Elizabeth Taylor, you can buy lavender or violet contact lenses.

Non-Transparent Tints

portrait of woman with colored contact lens collage

Besides visibility and enhancement tints, colored contacts come in opaque tints. These change dark-colored eyes into light, and come in a variety of colors including:

Their opaque tint makes them the best colored contacts for dark eyes. They provide a dramatic change and can shake up your look to the point that your friends will not recognise you.

Theatrical Tints

Looking to become a creature from the Black Lagoon? You'll find theatrical or special-effect contacts in the opaque tint category.

If you want to look like the Na'vi in Avatar, for example, these are the contacts for you. Special-effect contacts even come in tints that glow under black lights. So, take your rave to the next level!

woman dressed in day of the dead costume with blue colored contact lenses

They're great for costume parties and special events. If you want to "wow" people with your strange eyes then there's a lot of fun to be had with these.

Choosing the Right Colored Contacts for You

When determining the best colored contact lenses, many factors need consideration. Some questions to ask yourself include:

If you're going for a natural look and have light eyes, choose an enhancement tint that makes the edges of each iris stand out. Or, look for a pair that deepens your natural eye color. If you have gray eyes, try violet or blue, for a change.

If your eyes are dark, opt for opaque tinted lenses to alter your eye color. For a natural look, choose a honey brown hue a few shades above your natural color. Or, consider hazel-tinted contacts.

Of course, opaque tints also let you stand out from the crowd if you're looking to go dramatically lighter. From green to blue to violet, you can create a stunning new look while transforming your eye color and look.

Care of Tinted Contact Lenses

Like with any contacts, you need to follow a specific cleaning process to keep your eyes healthy. First off, don't share your contacts with anybody else. It’s not worth the eye infection.

Moreover, your tinted contact lenses will be prescription ordered and fitted. That means, they'll be custom-tailored to fit your eyes. They won't fit on anybody else, so keep 'em to yourself.

contact lens care solution with contact case and contact lenses

Purchase the proper eye care solution and container for your contacts, and follow all recommended procedures for cleaning and storage. Like other contacts, you must properly clean and maintain them. Also, find out from your eye care provider how often you will need to replace your lenses. It’s important to make a note on your calendar for when you need a new pair of lenses.

If your eyes look red or feel irritated, give them a break and leave the contacts in their case. You should never experience discomfort while wearing them. Contact your eye care provider right away if you notice any changes or complications.

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