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The Battle of Glasses vs. Contacts: 9 Reasons to Choose Contact Lenses

young woman considering glasses versus contacts

The matter of choosing glasses versus contact lenses is a personal one. There is no “right” option. Your decision depends on your lifestyle, comfort, budget and aesthetic sense. Glasses are the most common (and traditional) method to improve vision. But we have other vision correction choices such as eye surgery and contacts. You may not want to go as far as getting surgery done on your eyes. Thus, you are at the decision point: glasses or contacts?

You are likely to be more familiar with glasses, so you may feel you would prefer them. You also have a variety of stylish frames to choose from, which you may have enjoyed. But there are limitations with your glasses. They can be a heavy weight on your face. Glasses also fog up, or fall off during strenuous physical activities. There are other limitations. We invite you to consider 9 reasons why you should choose contact lenses over glasses.

1. Uninterrupted Vision

Contacts rest on on your corneas, which gives you the feeling of having vision that is more natural. The distance between your eyes and your glasses will impact how well you see the world around you. The frames of your glasses affect the outer edges of your field of vision. But contacts allow you to have access to your full peripheral vision.

2. No Condensation Problems

eye behind glasses with raindrops

People who wear glasses can all identify with the problem of misted vision. A sudden switch from the cold outdoors to the warm indoors causes water condensation on your glasses. Contacts yield clear vision regardless of the temperature. Unlike glasses, contacts are also ideal for dashing through the rain!

3. Contacts Don't Impede Activity

It is distracting to adjust your glasses in the middle of your favorite sport. In some high contact sports such as soccer and rugby, it is impossible to wear glasses. But you still need to have perfect vision. Contacts are convenient, as they enable you to have the 20-20 vision and greatest mobility.

Even if you are not a sporting aficionado, you can still enjoy wearing contacts. Once you put them in, they remain in place. You can then go about your day without thinking of adjusting them to be able to see.

woman with multicolored contacts

4. You Can Experiment With Color!

Variety is the spice of life and now this adage can also apply to your eyes! If you have ever wondered about how you would look with a different eye color, color contacts are the solution!

Most prescription contact lenses are available in different colors. Thus you can experiment with a new look without sacrificing your vision. If you like attending costume parties, then your glasses can be at odds with the entire look. But contacts can help you to maintain your perfect vision and desired appearance.

5. Contact Lenses Are Affordable

It’s a misconception that contacts are expensive. Glasses and contacts can vary in price, depending on the specific vision prescription. We recommend that you explore ordering your contact lenses online. Shopping for your contacts online is easy, affordable, and quick. You can buy your contacts from the convenience of your home. Your order will then be shipped directly to you with no hassles.

6. Contacts Are Easy to Wear

If you've ever worn glasses, you've experienced the ache on your nose and above your ears. Even if the frame fits your head, after hours of wearing them, you can feel sore. People who wear glasses sometimes complain of tension headaches at their temples.

Contacts remove that entire problem. Your nose and head will never feel the pressure from frames again. Also, you will not experience indentation marks on the bridge of your nose. Those with sensitive eyes can get lenses that work for them. If you have dry eyes, you’ll want to choose lenses that are extra moist.

7. Contact Lenses Don't Impose on Your Style

You may have chosen your frames with your favorite color scheme in mind. But your glasses will not always be a perfect match for your evolving sense of style. It can be difficult to style your glasses on a daily basis. If you make the transition to contacts, then you can be sure that they will not restrict your personal style.

8. Innovative Vision Correction

We know that contacts correct vision problems. You can get lenses for astigmatism, presbyopia, and other specific prescriptions. Yet there are also innovations in the arena of contacts that you may want to explore.

Did you know that there are special contact lenses that correct myopia? They are called orthokeratology lenses and they improve your vision overnight. There is no need to wear standard contacts or glasses, as you would have (temporary) perfect vision. These contacts are safe for sleeping, as they are gas permeable soft lenses. Soft lenses allow for good oxygen flow to your eyes. This treatment option is a good alternative to the more invasive laser surgery. These orthokeratology lenses also reduce your dependence on other vision correction products.

9. Contacts Rarely Get Lost

woman searching for eyeglasses

It can be very easy to misplace a pair of glasses, and the resulting search for them can be equally frustrating. It can also be costly to replace a lost pair, as you may even need a new prescription to get the replacement. Yet it is quite improbable for you to lose your contacts. Once you put them in, they are not likely to fall out. Thus it is unlikely for you to misplace your contacts - as you may with your glasses.

The Winner of the Glasses vs. Contacts Battle?

We know that the decision of glasses versus contacts is your personal choice. But we believe that there is a clear winner: contacts! We have explored all the benefits of wearing contact lenses and we would like for you to truly consider them. Please visit our blog to learn more about contacts, transitioning to contacts, and the available options.

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