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How to Get Contact Lenses for Yourself While in College

students learning how to get contact lenses while in college

Are you preparing to go away to college soon? There’s going to be all kinds of things that you're going to need to do on your own for the first time.

Once you leave the comfort of home, you'll need learn to do so many things for yourself that your parents may have taken care of for you — like learning how to cook on a budget or do laundry without shrinking all your sweaters. And if you wear contacts, you'll also need to get the best contact lenses for your eyes without your parents’ help.

Initially, you might be nervous about ordering the right contact lenses. But keeping your contact lens supply well-stocked is not as difficult as it might seem.

Here’s a guide that will lay out exactly how to get contact lenses once you arrive in your dorm or off-campus apartment.

Get a Contact Lens Prescription From Your Optometrist

contact lens prescription

If you wear contacts, you should see your optometrist at least once every year. Obtaining a new contact lens prescription at your eye examination is a must.

If possible, you should try to schedule this visit to your doctor a few weeks before you go away to college. This will ensure that you have the right contact lenses at the start of every new school year.

Your doctor may encourage you to order contact lenses through their office. But you should note that you don't have to go that route if you don't want to. Most of the time the lenses you buy from them are more expensive. You can often save yourself quite a bit of money by ordering contacts from an online contact lens retailer, like LensPure.

Find an Online Contact Lens Retailer

Most college students don't have a ton of money to throw around. They usually have to scrounge up whatever they can just to be able to afford the basics. If you fall into this category, try to avoid spending any more money than you have to on contacts. At the same time, you shouldn't buy cheap lenses just to save a few bucks.

Instead, find an online lens retailer that sells name brand contact lenses at affordable prices. You can find online retailers that carry some of the best contact lens brands in the business for just a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere.

Research the Different Contact Lens Brands

If you already wear a particular lens brand and like it, you'll want to stick with that one when you go away to school. But now that you have the freedom to choose whichever brand you want, you might also want to switch things up and try a new one.

Some contact lens brands are better than others. Try to buy contact lenses manufactured by these top companies:

All these brands will provide you with superior contact lenses. Do your homework to see which one of them you like the best before placing an order for their contacts.

Consider Which Type of Contact Is Right for You

Have you ever had to order contacts on your own before? If not, then it’ll surprise you to see how many different types of contact lenses there are. You can choose between daily, weekly and monthly lenses. If you like to switch up your look, you can even get colored contact lenses.

It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the types of contact lenses. But it's important for you to find the ones that will work best for you.

Keep the Cost of Contact Lenses in Mind

hands holding coins on wood table

The cost of contact lenses shouldn't necessarily be your number one concern when shopping around. Of course, you don't want to pay a fortune for contacts. But you also don't want to buy cheap contacts that will rip the first time you put them in.

Do you know which name brand contacts you want? Check out the complete list of brands that we carry at LensPure.

Order Your Contact Lenses Before You Really Need Them

With busy schedules, midterms, finals, sports and social lives, it’s understandable that college students may procrastinate. Studies show that up to 75% of students procrastinate when it comes to their schoolwork. You might be able to get away with procrastinating on your first college research project. But you're going to pay the price if you put off ordering contact lenses until the very last minute.

Order your contacts at least a week or two before you absolutely need them. This will help you avoid overnight shipping costs. You’ll also ensure that you have your contact lenses before you run out.

Take Care of Your Contact Lenses at All Times

Regardless of the contacts you decide to order, you should not, under any circumstances, put off maintaining them once they arrive. Contact lens care is of the utmost importance.

You might not feel like washing your contact lenses at 2 a.m. after a long night of studying. You might not feel like taking your contact lenses out at the end of a wild party either.

But you need to take care of your contacts on a regular basis. Otherwise, you could put your eyes at risk. Not only will you end up ordering more contact lenses than needed, but you can get nasty infections too.

Create a maintenance schedule for your contacts...and stick to it!

Learn How to Get Contact Lenses for Yourself Before Leaving for College

hwoman inserting contact lens in right eye

Don't wait until you're on the way to college to learn how to get contact lenses for yourself. Order your first batch while you're still living at home, so you can get the hang of it. And don't be afraid to rely on your parents for a little bit of help at first. They won't mind showing you the ropes if you need help with your initial contacts order.

Contact us today to see how simple it can be to get your hands on name brand contact lenses.

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