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The 7 Major Advantages of Monthly Contact Lenses

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Finding the right contact lenses for you can take a bit of time as you try out different types. It's a good idea to go through different trial periods. That way, you can see how you feel before you limit yourself to a certain brand or style.

One thing about contacts that not everyone realizes is they can be worn for different lengths of time. You have the option of using daily, bi-weekly, and even monthly contact lenses. Each has their own set of rules of how long they're safe to wear and how you need to maintain them.

A popular choice amongst contact wearers are monthly contact lenses. Here are seven reasons why these contacts can be a good choice for you.

1. Lower Cost

If you’re planning on wearing contact lenses frequently, monthlies are the way to go. Buying monthly contacts is the best way to save yourself a bit of money on your eyewear expenses. A month’s supply of daily contacts is 30 pairs of lenses. It makes sense that it would be cheaper to wear a single pair of lenses for a month, and your wallet will take less of a hit for what you need.

2. Less Waste

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Monthly contact lenses create less waste than daily disposables or weekly contacts. Disposable contacts are thrown away every time they're used. This means if you get dailies you're putting 60 (30 days, two eyes) small pieces of plastic into the trash each month. Plus the blister packs and cardboard boxes, though at least some of the packaging can be recycled.

Although monthly contacts are still plastic, they are more environmentally friendly since you're only throwing away two lenses each month.

3. On-the-Go Ease

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Monthly contact lenses help make travel days and packed schedules less stressful. This can be one reason you’ll prefer monthly lenses over the daily version.

Going on vacation with daily contact lenses means you have to pack a set of lenses for every single day you're away. If you lose one set or decide you want to extend your trip, you're out of luck as far as contacts go. You either have to take extras or wear glasses as a backup.

Traveling with monthly lenses is a lot easier. You would just need to take two sets of contacts (one for back-up), your contact case, and enough solution.

Plus, you can easily take monthly contact lenses out and put them back in when going from work to the gym, or vice versa. This helps protect your lenses from things like sweat and dirt while you still have your preferred vision tool for your busy schedule. Switching from contacts to glasses throughout the day also gives your eyes a break and keeps them breathing better.

4. Better Compatibility With Sensitive Eyes

Do your eyes tend to dry out pretty fast? Are you someone whose eyes are sensitive to things like dust or pollen in the air?

Wearing daily disposables doesn't do much to help you with that. These are thin pieces of plastic that tend to dry up quickly. Monthly contact lenses are more compatible with sensitive eyes. They're thicker and hold moisture better, which can actually offset some of the irritation you're used to feeling. Because they’re designed to last longer, they can provide you with more comfort without the worry of changing lenses.

5. They’re Stronger and More Durable

Not only do monthly contact lenses provide more comfort for your eyes, but they also tend to hold up better against potential irritation. Because of that, they offer better overall performance.

The thicker design of monthly lenses makes them more durable and resistant to sweat, dirt and dust. Of course, you'll want to clean your contacts right away to keep them in their best condition.

6. Extensive Prescription Options

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Keep in mind that what you may want and what you actually need are two different things. If you're leaning toward daily contacts, know that there are more prescription options with monthly contacts.

For specific vision correction and strong prescriptions, monthly contact lenses are the better choice. These are more likely to give you the results you're looking for since they aren't as limited as daily disposable prescriptions.

7. Longer Continued Wear

The final reason to choose monthly contact lenses over daily or bi-weekly contacts is how long you can continuously wear them for.

You've probably already heard that it's not good to sleep with contacts in. This isn't true 100% of the time though. While you can only wear daily contacts for up to 16 hours, some monthly contact lenses, referred to as extended-wear monthly lenses, can be continuously worn for up to 7 days.

This means you can put them in on Monday morning and not have to worry about them much until Sunday night. It'd be smart to clean them sometime within the 7 days, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if you didn't. The trick is to make sure you don't forget when you first put in your contacts. Also, note when you have to clean them once your wear time is up.

Keep in mind that the gap between the 16-hour maximum for daily lenses and the 7-day max for extended-wear monthly lenses can vary. How long you can continuously wear your lenses depends on your prescription and your unique eyes.

Get the Monthly Contact Lenses You Need

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The best way to learn about the benefits of monthly contact lenses is to try them out for yourself. By using these type of contacts, you’ll see just how clear your vision can be and how easy they are to use!

In the end, you should feel comfortable about the kind of contact lenses you select. Hopefully we have provided you with a clear understanding of why monthly contact lenses can be a great option!

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